Reindeer Hides

204596860766d5bdbc6d.jpgReindeers are the pets of the Tundra. They are domesticiated and kept by nomads on the European and Asian Tundra. Nonetheless some rare wild populations still exist. You can also still find them in North-America where they are called Caribous. They are most famously known as the faithful companions of Santa Claus.

They live in large herds and their biggest enemy is the wolf. The male, as well as the female, has a big antler. Because they live in cold Arctic areas they have a very thick coat. This coats has two layers; a furry underlayer and an upperlayer of thicker and longer hairs. These hairs are hollow and filled with air. They even serve as life jackets when crossing rivers. The colour varies from rare white to almost black. Twice a year they shed their hairs.

Be aware that the hollow hairs from the upperlayer very easily break. Therefore it is not advisable to use reindeer hides in heavy traffic areas. The upper hairs simply break with the slightest friction. A merely decorative use is advised.

B grade hides can have odd shapes or small holes in the back which are not visible at the top.

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