Gnu Hides

gnoe2.jpgGnus or wildebeest are a genus of cloven hoofed animals belonging to the Bovidae family. The genus has two species that live in the grasslands of southern and eastern Africa: black wildebeest and blue wildebeest.
The black wildebeest however is pretty rare. Both species live in the savanna and migrate in the dry season for food areas. Wildebeest travel thousands of kilometers each year.

The coat of the blue wildebeest ranges from dark brown to slate blue and pale gray. On the neck, shoulders and to a lesser extent the flanks run dark vertical stripes. Furthermore, this species has a  black, long mane on the neck and shoulders and a long black tail that almost touches the ground and a beard on the neck and chin area, which can be completely white to black in color . 

The hides are quite large and very decorative






  • Gnu Hide (2)
    Gnu Hide (2)

    +/- 140 x 190 cm (tail included)

    € 300,00
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