Yak Hides

The yak is a long-haired cattle from Central-Asia and can mostly be found in the Himalayan region.
They are heavily built and have a thick and long coat with an extra thick woolly undercoat over the chest, flanks and thighs to insulate them against the cold. Bulls often have a long "skirt" that can reach the ground. Wild yaks are mostly dark blacky brown while domesticated yaks can have a variety of colours. 

Yak hides have a very rough and wild appearance. They sometimes have small holes, bald spots or some felted hair




  • Yak Hide (3)
    Yak Hide (3)

    +/- 160 x 170 cm

    B grade: these hides are tanned in a traditional manner. They may have holes or bald spots.

    € 199,00
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