tibetaansegeit.jpgTibetan Goatskins

The Tibetan goatskins are always available in rectangular rugs of +/- 60 x 120 cm . The hairs are very long and fine. Available in natural white (ivory ), white (bleached), dark brown (dyed) and black (dyed). They consist of irregularly stitched together pieces.

There is a clear difference in color between the natural and the bleached white skins. The first have an ivory color; while the bleached are very white in comparison. However here and there you still have some hints of ivory so that they still have a bit of a natural look.

ijsbeertjes.jpgThey come from different kinds of Tibetan goats. They are also called 'Cashmere' goats because they produce the well-known cashmere wool. They live mainly in China and Tibet.

If not in stock there is a delivery period of +/- 10 to 14 days.

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