Red Deer Hides.

The red deer is one of the most important game species. It is powerfully built - the size varies by type and place of origin. The length of the male European deer is 1.85 to 2 m, of which approximately 15 cm for the tail, the shoulder height is 1.25 cm, the weight varies from 175 to 250 kg. The female deer is considerably smaller. The coat changes twice a year. In summer the coat is thin and reddish brown, in winter it is denser and the hairs are almost twice as long and appear more grey. The winter fur is darker, especially around mane and belly.

The antlers of the male red deer grow upright. They live in herds and prefer to stay in large, dense forests and dense swamps. They are very common all over Europe.

Be aware that the hollow top hairs break off easily and these skins are not very suitable for walking upon or very frequent use. A purely decorative use is recommended.

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