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Fallow Deer Hides

damhert3.jpgFallow deer belong to the family of the cervids. They're bigger than a roe deer and smaller than a red deer. They are present on all continents except Antarctica.
There are many variations in color from white to light brown to almost black, but usually the back is reddish yellow to brown in color and the belly yellowish. However, the dominant color varies by region. In winter the coat takes on a grey colour.

The fallow deer sheds hairs twice a year, once in May or June and a second time in September or October. The coat is usually dotted with white spots, they are less noticeable in winter. Some color patterns, such as all-white animals have no spots. For black animals the spots are more brownish black in color, lighter than the rest of the coat. The butt has a pattern of black and white with a black stripe, which runs to the top of the tail. The black line is missing in all white and all black animals.

Fallow deer skins are not suitable for heavy traffic areas or intense use. They have hollow upper hairs which easily break.
A purely decorative use is recommended.





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